INADOF, a trust agency in Kinshasa accredited to the National Order of Accountants (ONEC), looks after your accounting management, optimises your taxation, conducts your audits and defends your interests in your business transactions.

Management consulting

INADOF accompanies you in organising and implementing your administrative and operational processes. From management diagnosis to the sales force, ...

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INADOF offers strategies for companies to properly control their tax expenses to prevent them from being weighed down by ...

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Audits form a significant part of INADOF’s activity in all business segments, industry, trade, services, pension funds, institutions. We ...

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INADOF offers high-level training in the field of taxation to guarantee up-to-date skills to professionals, the self-employed or department ...

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Edito Norbert Bokie Ndwaya

Edito de Norbert Bokie Ndwaya

Chers clients, chers partenaires, chers amis, Depuis sa création en juin 2000, INADOF poursuit une croissance volontairement raisonnée, soucieuse ...

26 October 2015
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