Legal aspects

INADOF defends your interests in your business transactions and your structural projects as well as during disputes and for anything that comes under taxation.

Fiscality and business law

  • Fiscal assistance during tax audits and counter-checks;
  • Organising and setting up tax services within the client company;
  • Analysis and settling of tax and para-fiscal disputes and those linked to fiscal or non-fiscal taxes;
  • Analysing fiscal current accounts
  • Obtaining tax statements and exemption statements;
  • Putting together a tax planning manual;
  • Advice on the tax regime of operating charges and benefits granted to staff;
  • Tax advice on forming companies;
  • Evolutionary monitoring and communication of new legal texts;
  • Assistance in declaring and paying tax;
  • Drafting a tax balance sheet and the establishment of the yearly tax return;
  • Training agents intervening directly in the calculation, payment and accounting of taxation data.
  • Fiscal and legal advice for natural persons and legal entities;
  • Studies of the impact of new taxes and changes in fiscal legislation;
  • Formation or creation of companies;
  • Drawing up employment contracts;
  • Assistance in job classifications.
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