INADOF offers strategies for companies to properly control their tax expenses to prevent them from being weighed down by penalties resulting from the non-payment of their bonds.

  • The planning and execution of missions are based on an in-depth understanding of the nature and environment of client business and an application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (G.A.A.P) or those specifically adapted to the scope of the client’s business activities.
  • Our audit approach can highlight certain financial, operational or efficiency aspects that may prove beneficial for users, directors and managers of audited sectors. Our audit methodology is characterised by:
    • A risk-linked approach based on our knowledge of the client company’s operations;
    • A flexibility that allows us to focus on high-risk areas;
    • An approach based on a professional, flexible judgement not systemically calling on quantitative techniques;
    • A quick identification of significant problems so that they may be resolved with managers directly before the closing of accounts.
  • INADOF’s main aims are to provide a quality service above and beyond client expectations.
    • Fiscal assistance during tax audits and counter-checks;
    • Organising and setting up tax services within the client company;
    • Analysis and settling of tax and para-fiscal disputes and those linked to fiscal or non-fiscal taxes;
    • Analysing fiscal current accounts
    • Obtaining tax statements and exemption statements;
    • Putting together a tax planning manual;
    • Advice on the tax regime of operating charges and benefits granted to staff;
    • Tax advice on forming companies;
    • Evolutionary monitoring and communication of new legal texts;
    • Assistance in declaring and paying tax;
    • Drafting a tax balance sheet and the establishment of the yearly tax return;
    • Training agents intervening directly in the calculation, payment and accounting of taxation data.
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