INADOF offers high-level training in the field of taxation to guarantee up-to-date skills to professionals, the self-employed or department heads.

Fiscal training
The main objectives of the fiscal training are:

  • To allow participants to understand the language of tax authorities;
  • To be able to interpret and apply tax laws;
  • To master the different taxes to which companies are subject and those they are exempt from and avoid base and recovery penalties that would weigh down their charges;
  • To allow managers in general and accountants in particular to grasp the prejudicial consequences that the posting of entries may cause companies and encourage them to pay prior attention during this period of economic recession on the one hand and measure the impact of tax penalties on the cash flow of companies on the other;
  • And finally consolidate the fiscal function within companies.

Training in accounting

  • Training in OHADA accounting, Accounting in a computerised environment, IAS/IFRS international standards, Public accounting according to international IPSAS standards, filling in financial summary reports.

Management training

  • Training in cash flow management, human resource management (staff assessment, calculating salaries…).

Training in feasibility studies and other management training

  • Training in the financial and economic analysis of projects.

Internal auditors

  • Training according to ISA international standards, NEP French standards, IRE Belgium standards, information systems audits and internal audits according to IFACI standards.
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